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Mitsubishi Azira AP35 R32 4.6 KW

kr 20500

Price including VAT, standard assembly and driving 50 km from our warehouse.

Stylish and compact heat pump – A winner in the home!

Night reduction function for extra low sound level from the outdoor unit

Designed to deliver heating and cooling to all types of rooms

Mitsubishi Electric quality with high performance, high comfort and compact interior

Cooling: A+++ Heating: A++


Our new compact model Azira gives you a lot of quality, cooling and heating for the money. The interior is designed to suit a number of rooms, and has won the Good Design Award and Red Dot Award 2018. The lines are stylish, and with a newly developed interior and exterior, this is a model you will really love. The interior has been given a boost to the previous compact model Lenta Silent, with upgraded air dampers, thinner heat exchanger and larger fan. This ensures high performance and a low noise level in a compact interior. The outdoor unit comes with a newly developed design with Winglets function on the fan blade. This contributes to safe operation, low noise level and improved air flow over the register before and after defrosting. The new refrigerant R32 provides a lower GWP value (Global Warming Potential) and is better for the environment.

Azira is perfect as air conditioning in the bedroom or other living spaces. It is so quiet that it can cool you down all night without disturbing your sleep. With an A+++ energy rating and a SEER of 8.6, you can enjoy a cool and temperate indoor climate all summer long. The outdoor unit comes with a night reduction function for even lower noise outside. This makes Azira the perfect model if you need to replace an old heat pump that makes noise, or if you live in dense housing or a housing association, and have special requirements for the noise level of the outdoor area.


Cooling min-max (kW) 1.1-3.8

Heat min-max (kW) 1.3-4.6

SCOP  4.6

SEER  8.6

Lowest sound level dB(A) 19

Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 798x299x219

Energy label A+++


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