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Mitsubishi Iguru MSZ-FT35 6.6 kW innebygget WiFi

kr 22990

Price including VAT, standard assembly and driving 50 km from our warehouse.



IGURU is as powerful as the most powerful, but actually quite small in size. IGURU has our most compact interior with Hyper Heating, only 28 cm high and 83.8 cm wide. This makes the model very location-friendly, and the interior can be mounted in discreet locations.
IGURU is also unique and exclusive as it is specially designed for the climate we have in Scandinavia, i.e. Norway and Sweden. It has a newly developed and better de-icing function, specially designed for the Scandinavian climate. It also has an extra long pipe connection from the inside part: 54 cm, perfect for houses with thick walls. The outdoor unit comes with a Winglet function on the fan blade. This contributes to safe operation, low noise level and improved air flow over the register before and after defrosting. The refrigerant R32 gives a lower GWP value (Global Warming Potential) and is better for the environment.

Extreme heat capacity

Despite its compact interior, IGURU manages to deliver a very high heating capacity from the powerful compressor with Hyper Heating technology. This ensures a comfortable temperature inside, regardless of whether it is cold outside. Here you get Hyper Heating properties in a compact package with a focus on heat capacity and delivery ability in cold climates. The IGURU 6600 delivers its nominal heating capacity of 4 kW all the way down to -19°C. That is why IGURU is called a «little tough guy».

IGURU 6600 gives you:

• 4.4 kW at -15°C
• 3.4 kW at -25°C

Heat spreader function

When IGURU reaches the desired indoor temperature, the outdoor part stops producing heat, while the fan in the indoor part continues to work to distribute the heat evenly in the home. The function will also kick in and significantly improve air circulation if the temperature rises from other heat sources, such as e.g. from a fireplace or stove.

Optimum airflow

IGURU has extra large air dampers for optimal air flow control, heat distribution and comfort. It also delivers a large amount of air, which gives good throw distance and high thermal comfort throughout the room.

Remote control with LED backlight for better readability on dark evenings, and fine filters against allergies and bacteria are also included in the IGURU.



  • 3400W at -25C°
  • Newly developed defrost function
  • Hyper Heating
  • SCOP 4,6
  • Energy label  A++
  • Heat spreader function
  • R32 refrigerant
  • Pipe length of 30 m
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Maintenance heating (i-save)
  • Weekly hours
  • Fan function
  • Night mode for extra quiet indoors and outdoors.
  • Powerful operation function (Powerful)
  • Winglet function




Technical data available here


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