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Mitsubishi UWANO 7000 R32 - Innebygget WiFi

kr 24900

Price including VAT, standard assembly and driving 50 km from our warehouse.




None of our heat pumps heats a room faster! UWANO is our most powerful heat pump, and in a class of its own when it comes to capacity and ability to heat large rooms. The energy-efficient compressor with Hyper Heating technology delivers plenty of heat even on the coldest days. UWANO withstands extreme cold periods and has been tested down to -36°C at Drevsjø. Factory-guaranteed heat capacity is down to -30°C, and at -25°C UWANO 7000 delivers a full 4000W, which corresponds to the heat you get from 4 standard panel ovens!

  • Hyper Heating
  • 7000W max capacity
  • 5300W ved -15°C
  • 4000W at -25°C



3D i-see Sensor
3D i-see The sensor registers and memorizes the layout of the room, notices variations in the room temperature, and detects where people are in the room. With the i-see Sensor, the heat pump knows which areas in the room need to be heated or cooled, and will work to maintain the desired temperature in the places you stay most often. The sensor can also register presence and detection of absence, with the possibility of automatic saving mode when you leave the room. This will give you significant savings over time. You can also choose for the device to switch off completely after 2 hours. This is particularly suitable in the cooling season, or e.g. at the workplace.

Double air dampers
The double air dampers control the air flows both horizontally and vertically independently of each other. With this, UWANO covers several needs where a heat pump has not previously been able to deliver optimal distribution of heating and cooling. Rooms or stair and floor dividers that require adapted distribution of the air flow for optimal performance are no obstacle with UWANO.

Dual Barrier Coating
A dirty interior reduces the heat pump’s energy efficiency and your indoor climate. To solve this, UWANO is equipped with the protective coating Dual Barrier Coating. The coating protects the inside of the machine so that dirt and dust do not stick. This simplifies maintenance, gives you a cleaner indoor climate and ensures a constant performance and effect over time.

Plasma Quad Plus
UWANO has top class filter functions with Plasma Quad Plus. The filter keeps your indoor environment free of airborne dust particles, bacteria, viruses, mould, allergens and microscopic particles below 2.5 micrometres. These are microparticles smaller than 4% of the width of a hair. UWANO thereby ensures a cleaner indoor climate and increased comfort for everyone in the room.

Built-in WiFi
With WiFi you can easily control your indoor environment – regardless of where you are. You can e.g. adjust the maintenance heat in the cabin, increase the heat in the living room before you get up, or cool the house until you get home. The WiFi integration in UWANO comes with a QR code for even easier pairing and setup.


UWANO has been developed for icy, Nordic conditions. When you buy a UWANO, you get a solid construction with high quality, long life and specially adapted to our cold Scandinavian climate. The outdoor part is therefore marked with Made for Scandinavia. This gives you extra security and a guarantee that the product is manufactured for our harsh climate.


UWANO has been tested in a number of places in Norway and Sweden. In order for us to ensure 100% heating capacity at -25°C, one of the tests was in one of Norway’s coldest places. Drevsjø holds the coldest record of -47°C. In the test period January-March 2021, there were more than 50 days of constant cold, and the coldest was -36°C. UWANO provided sufficient air volume and outstanding heating capacity throughout the period. The test confirms that UWANO delivers a high and stable indoor temperature even in extremely low outdoor temperatures.










No homes are exactly the same, and we also have different needs and preferences. Furnishings, area, open solution, rooms with many doors, or perhaps an additional need for silence. To make it even easier for you, with the Drive Mode Selector, you can choose between 3 preset settings in which you want the heat pump to work with a single press of the remote control:

Large room  (Wide Room Mode) – here the speed of the fan increases. This provides extra powerful airflow and a long throw length for optimal heating and good distribution of the heat throughout the room.

Economy  (Eco Mode) – here, there is a gradual heating that results in a lower power consumption and extra saved power costs.

Quiet  Mode – here the indoor unit effectively lowers the sound level and provides an even quieter and peaceful indoor environment. This is ideal if you are particularly wary of sound, or the indoor unit is located in the bedroom.




When UWANO reaches the desired indoor temperature, the outdoor part stops producing heat, while the fan in the indoor part continues to work to distribute the heat evenly in the home. The function will also kick in and significantly improve air circulation if the temperature rises from other heat sources, such as e.g. from a fireplace or stove.










With the Plasma Quad Plus filter system, UWANO keeps your home free of airborne dust particles, bacteria, viruses, mold and allergens. UWANO’s filter removes all microscopic particles smaller than 2.5 micrometres. It is less than 4% of the width of a hair.

UWANO is also equipped with Dual Barrier Coating, a state-of-the-art protective coating. The coating protects the inside of the machine against dirt and dust in the heat exchanger, the fan wheel and the air duct behind the fan wheel and the air dampers. The protective coating simplifies maintenance, and ensures a better indoor environment and a constant performance and effect over time. The coating also contains an anti-mold substance that prevents mold from building up inside the interior.




UWANO has more than raw power and a lot of technology, it is also an environmentally friendly heat pump. The machine is classified with A+++ and uses the refrigerant R32. The cooling medium gives a lower GWP value (Global Warming Potential) and is good for both the environment and you.




eco-friendly home




  • Built-in WiFi
  • Hyper Heating
  • Drive Mode Selector
  • Double Air Damper
  • 3D i-see Sensor
  • Heat spreader function
  • Dual Barrier Coating
  • Plasma Quad Plus
  • Night mode
  • Weekly hours
  • Fan mode
  • Operating lock
  • I-Save function (10°C maintenance heat)
  • LED backlight on the remote control
  • Heating rod in bottom pan
  • Specially developed software for Nordic conditions
  • Inverter compressor
  • 1 fas 230V, 50HZ

Technical data available here


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